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Product Features

1.non-toxic, environmental-friendly, tear-resistant, warping-resistant, highly elastic, waterproof, moisture permeable, anti-yellowing (over grade 4), anti-hydrolysis, antioxidant, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, oil-resistant and chemical resistant.

2.Polyether material is environmental-friendly, non-toxic, anti-hydrolysis, low temperature resistant, anti-yellowing, anti-fungus and antibiosis.

3.It has been widely applied to air bag, air bed, hovercraft and luggage etc Widely applied to textile fabrics, shoes fabrics, non-woven fabrics, TPU, PVC and microfiber leather etc.

4.Non-toxic, environmental-friendly, tear-resistant, warping-resistant, high strength, convenient for vacuum printing forming and printing, applicable for high frequency processing fusing, anti-yellowing, wear-resistant, anti-hydrolysis, antioxidant, high and low temperature resistant etc.

5. TPU antibiosis/ anti-fungus film is added with antibacterial agent and mildew-proof agent according to requirements of customers on special products in order to achieve the effect of antibiosis and anti-fungus.

6. flexing,highly adhesive,cold-resistant,anti-hydrolysis,washable and durable,applicable to high and middle-end products produced by hot-pressing high frequency.Hot mele adhesive membrane can also provide users with clean.simple,convenient and pollution-free processingenvironment and meyhod, solves toxicity and pollution problems due to the use of glue.

7.High strenght TPU composite fabric is made of fabric,lining and TPU film by special laminating technology.It is waterproof,wer-resistant,moisture permeable,ventilate,elastic,low temperature resistant and easy to process.because of its reinforcement,base fabric of TPU composite fabric can be used in severe environment.

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