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tpu film

The tpu films material name is thermoplastic elastomer rubber, and the tpu film material has been increasingly popular due to its superior function and environmental protection concept. Now, wherever PVC is used, tpu film materials can be used as a substitute for PVC. But the strength of tpu film material, PVC is far behind. The tpu film material not only has excellent high tensile strength, high tensile strength, toughness and aging resistance, but also is a mature environmentally friendly material. Nowadays, tpu film materials have been widely used in: shoe materials, tailors, inflatable toys, sports equipment for water and underwater, medical devices, fitness devices, car seat materials, umbrellas, luggage, leather bags, etc.


Tpu film material film is widely used in sports shoes: trademark decoration on the sole and upper, airbag, air cushion, oil bag and so on. Today, tpu film material film has two trends in sports shoes: First, the popular style of Nike sneakers is to print the tpu film material film first, then form and paste with high frequency. It is decorated on the upper to obtain a special decorative effect. The second is to use waterproof and moisture-permeable tpu film material film and shoe cloth to apply to achieve waterproof and moisture permeability.

Tpu film material

The thermoplastic tpu film material elastomer is made of MDI containing NCO functional group and POLYOL and 1.4BG containing OH functional groups, and is prepared by kneading and kneading. Because of good elasticity, good physical properties and excellent mechanical strength, It is widely used in processing methods such as injection, extrusion, calendering and dissolving into solution resin. It is a plastic material often used by plastics processing industry. Its products cover the scale of industrial application and people's livelihood necessities.

In recent years, due to the continuous development of new products, the use of thermoplastic PU elastomers continues to increase, creating a new low-cost, high value-added industrial key for plastics processors.

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