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TPU film

Although thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films account for only a small fraction of the plastic film industry, environmental benefits are highlighted due to their better biocompatibility and recyclability. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and consumption, the substitution effect of TPU film on existing plastic film products will gradually be reflected.

一、Environmental advantages highlight the market size of 13.3%

TPU film has excellent properties such as high strength, good toughness, cold resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, environmental protection, non-toxicity, decomposability, waterproof and moisture permeability, wind resistance, cold resistance, warmth, antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet and energy release. Shoe materials, waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics, food packaging, medical supplies, inflatable capsules, sports and leisure equipment, and many other fields. It is easy to recycle, biodegradable, and can fundamentally avoid waste pollution to the environment; it is biocompatible, non-toxic, non-allergic, non-local irritating and non-pyrogenic. Due to its superior performance and environmental protection concept, it is increasingly popular, and its breadth and depth of application are expanding. With the alternating development of industry technology, the replacement of non-environmental films with TPU films has become the trend of environmental protection policies around the world.

The use of TPU to make a new product in hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive film, has gradually started and developed. Compared with the current dominant EVA hot melt adhesive and synthetic rubber hot melt adhesive, TPU hot melt adhesive film It can meet customers' demand for high viscosity, and also has good physical properties of TPU, such as good elasticity and high mechanical strength. Many TPU hot melt adhesive films in the field where traditional hot melt adhesives are difficult to use are suitable. TPU hot melt adhesive film will be one of the important development directions of the future combination of plastic film and hot melt adhesive.

According to the statistics of China Plastics Association, the consumption scale of TPU film market in China has reached 1.84 billion yuan in 2013, and the consumption scale of TPU hot melt adhesive film market has reached 500 million yuan. It is predicted that the TPU film market will maintain an average annual growth rate from 2013 to 2017. At 13.3%, it is expected to reach 3.03 billion yuan in 2017, and the consumption of TPU hot melt adhesive film will reach 1.47 billion yuan.

At present, the international advanced TPU film companies are mainly concentrated in Europe, the United States, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. In the early days, China's TPU film was mainly imported. In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic enterprises, domestic products have begun to dominate in the Chinese market, but some high-end market areas are still dominated by imported products.

二、Applications extend to new areas, and penetration rates continue to increase

At present, the application and consumption of TPU film are mainly concentrated in the fields of footwear materials, waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics, high-grade handbags and leather fabrics, inflatable capsules and the like.

1.Shoe material

The TPU film upper material is usually composed of a three-layer structure: the surface layer is a PU layer, which is used for coloring on the upper surface, printed patterns, etc.; the middle layer is a TPU film, which is the main part of the fabric, which determines the main performance characteristics of the upper; The bottom layer is a TPU hot melt adhesive film, which is mainly used as an adhesive to achieve the adhesion between the TPU upper material and the shoe body. TPU film upper material can be directly bonded and pressed with the sole TPU hot melt adhesive film, and it can be directly pressed and pressed without the sewing process. Therefore, it is also called TPU no-seam upper.

Since the TPU film upper has excellent performance and no need for manual cutting, since 2009, the mid-to-high-end sports shoe upper has gradually used TPU film upper material instead of PU microfiber leather and PU space leather. At present, domestic and foreign first-line sports shoes brands have used TPU film to make uppers. The domestic second-line sports shoes brands have also begun to use TPU film uppers.

2.Waterproof and moisture permeable fabric

TPU film has strong adhesion and can be bonded to materials of various materials to become a high-performance composite material. TPU blown waterproof and moisture permeable film is widely used in clothing products, inflatable products, sporting goods, medical supplies and other fields. A waterproof and moisture-permeable composite fabric made of high-tech waterproof and moisture-permeable film laminated with ordinary textile fabrics and TPU film. It is a high-tech product integrating waterproof, moisture permeability, windproof and warmth. It is called "breathable fabric". "or "human second skin." It fundamentally solves the contradiction between waterproofing and moisture permeability, increases the comfort of people's wearing, improves the grade and added value of products, and occupies the middle and high-end market. It has become the main project of textile product development in various countries and is industrialized. The field continues to expand, and Western developed countries have listed it as a high-tech product of the 21st century. At present, China's TPU waterproof and moisture permeable film has been widely used in clothing and other fields.

3.High-end handbags and leather goods

At present, leather, synthetic leather and cloth are the three most commonly used materials for high-end handbags and leather goods. TPU film has excellent performances such as waterproof and moisture permeable, yellowing resistance, hydrolysis resistance and high temperature resistance. Its application in high-grade handbags and leather goods is mainly combined with the above three materials to make body, decoration, accessories, etc. Better feel and physical properties.

Due to price reasons, TPU film has been used as a luggage material in recent years, and only used in high-end luxury handbags and leather goods, but the usage is showing a rapid growth trend. With the increasingly strict supervision and restrictions on synthetic materials such as PU and PVC in Europe, America and Japan, synthetic materials such as PVC and PU will gradually be replaced by environmentally-friendly TPU. The coating online is expected to be in high-end handbags in the next few years. The market size in leather goods will continue to grow rapidly.

4.Inflatable balloon

TPU is a new type of inflatable balloon material that has developed rapidly in recent years. It has significant advantages over PVC and traditional rubber tape. TPU has unrivaled tensile, tear, abrasion and low temperature flex resistance of rubber or PVC, and also has good oil resistance, aging resistance and weather resistance. It is superior to PVC in terms of material softness and mechanical strength, and does not contain a large amount of volatile plasticizer like PVC, which causes the material to harden and become brittle, and the mechanical properties are deteriorated. However, due to the high price, the current TPU tape is mainly used to make high-end capsule materials with high material performance requirements, such as air mattresses, massage chair capsule materials, rubber boats for marine operations and inflatable boat capsule materials, lifting. Airbag materials, capsule materials for military or civilian airships, sphere coatings, and liners.

TPU film is a new type of industrial material that can be modified continuously. It can further optimize performance and expand application fields through raw material modification, material formulation adjustment and production process optimization, which can give it strong and continuous vitality. The application range of TPU film is gradually expanding from the original key areas such as shoes, clothing, home textiles and luxury handbags to new fields such as agriculture, medical, electronics, aerospace and military. In the future, with the deepening of research and development of TPU film products and the improvement of the technical level of TPU film industry, the application field will continue to expand, and the penetration rate will continue to increase, which will bring huge opportunities for related manufacturing enterprises.

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