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You should understand these performance characteristics of TPU film, because customers often ask! Knowing the performance of these TPU films, the most important thing is to be more professional and solve the corresponding problems for customers. Let's take a look at these key points together.

1, the transparency effect of TPU film

The transparency of the TPU film refers to the ability of the original color test piece to achieve intuitive clarity at different thicknesses, and the thickness is commonly used to evaluate the effect of the transparent TPU.

2, TPU film resistance to yellowing grade

The yellowing is mainly due to the yellowing of the color caused by the continuous irradiation of ultraviolet light on the TPU material. Generally, the laboratory simulated yellowing test judges the color change with 1-5 grades, and the fifth grade has no change.

There are various testing standards for yellowing resistance. The main factors are wattage such as ultraviolet light, irradiation distance, time, temperature and humidity.

3, TPU film color customization

The colored TPU film is based on the solid color TPU and is produced in order to meet the customer's specified color standard, plus special TPU color masterbatch and toner. The TPU toner color matching performance is mainly determined by whether the background color is stable or not, and the temperature resistance is stable, which determines the color matching.

4. Resilience performance of TPU film

The deformation rebound of the TPU film is mainly the characteristic that the TPU film recovers immediately after the external force is applied.

5. Deformation rate and resilience of TPU film

TPU film deformation and rebound is the degree of deformation of a unit volume of a sample under the action of vertical pressure, the speed and extent of rebound after releasing the pressure, and the ability of the material to resist pressure.

6, TPU film friction resistance

The TPU film is formed by extrusion casting of thermoplastic elastomer polyurethane particles. The thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer particles are heat accumulating materials, friction heat generation, and wear at fixed pressure and sandpaper surface reflect the degree of wear resistance of the material.

Polyurethane particles are closely related to wear resistance and thermal properties. Friction will cause temperature rise, wear resistance is unit volume or mass loss, and thermal properties are torsional forces at different temperatures; this is important for evaluating product wear and high temperature environment. standard.

7, TPU film tear resistance

The TPU film tear resistance is the resistance to the notched tensile tear. The tear resistance of the TPU film embodies the transverse physical properties of the material, the notch tear strength, the notch angle, and the tearing standard.

8, TPU film hydrolysis resistance

The polyether TPU film is resistant to hydrolysis and microorganisms and will not break down for long-term use.

9, TPU film antibacterial and mildew resistance

In harsh environments, bacteria, moisture, and high temperatures can cause damage to the TPU film, and the antibacterial and mildew-resistant TPU film can effectively prevent these. Antibacterial and anti-mold is a typical feature of ether-type TPU film. It is used in harsh and complex environments, anti-aging and long life.

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