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TPU film

TPU film, its use is more and more extensive. But how to improve the function of TPU film? Notify us! Improve your skills to improve the functionality of TPU film. For example, to improve the heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance of TPU film:

The TPU film is obtained by a variety of processes to obtain a melt-spun spandex product. The first step is to use the one-step process to produce: diisocyanate, polyether (ester) diol, chain extender, auxiliary agent, etc., after being metered, directly participate in the polymerization in a twin-screw reactor.

The pre-polymerization of the TPU film melt is selected to improve the spinning processing conditions and the mechanical function of the product. Specifically, the TPU section is melted by a screw extruder, and at the outlet thereof, a prepolymer obtained by reacting a diisocyanate with a polyester or a polyether diol is used, and uniformly mixed by a static mixer, followed by spinning. The effect of participating in the prepolymer reduces the melting temperature of the TPU section on the one hand, allowing the spinning to be carried out at a lower temperature.

TPU film can be used for welding hollow products, fabric lamination, foam data sealing, maintenance coating and wear-resistant coating. It can not only be laminated with various fabrics, but also can be produced by vacuum thermoforming. The product has a relatively fast increase in the range: upper lining, thermal underwear, transparent underwear, elastic band, medical breathable tape, electronic and electrical appearance maintenance materials, optical film.

The TPU film is treated with in-line casting and special lamination skills for higher peel strength. After high-frequency welding, it is extremely resistant to impact and pressing, and it is suitable for environments with increasingly harsh working conditions (military and security products are mostly). When making medical devices, the thickness is generally thin, mostly at 0.3mm.

TPU films are used in a wide variety of applications, often in shoe bags, personal protective equipment, clothing accessories, and even medical supplies. All TPU films must pass a series of cumbersome and rigorous tests, and each year will be sent to the professional part at a fixed time, in addition to the most basic hardness, softness, functional test, and many safety and environmental tests, such as SGS environmental protection Detection, eight major metals, as well as halogen detection and more.

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