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Welcome to ShangHai Taorun TPU Co.,Ltd.

We are a company specializing in the production and sales of TPU film manufacturing, two core products TPU film and TPU elastic belt, product applications cover clothing, home textiles, medical, footwear, catering, ornaments and other industries.

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TPU material film has replaced traditional film, which has b

admin April 16,2019

TPU film has excellent properties such as high strength, good toughness, cold resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, environmental protection, non-toxicity, decomposability, waterproof and moisture permeability, w

What is the surface tension of the tpu film?

admin April 02,2019

Tpu film has been widely used in the packaging field. Tpu film can be used for food packaging, electrical product packaging, daily necessities packaging, clothing packaging and so on. They need to print the color of the tpu film, and as a f

Analysis of the causes of warping deformation of tpu film

admin April 02,2019

The main reasons for warpage and deformation of tpu film are: no cooling when the product is demolded, product shape and thickness asymmetry, excessive filler, uneven gate feeding, unbalanced ejector system, uneven mold temperature, materia

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