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Welcome to ShangHai Taorun TPU Co.,Ltd.

We are a company specializing in the production and sales of TPU film manufacturing, two core products TPU film and TPU elastic belt, product applications cover clothing, home textiles, medical, footwear, catering, ornaments and other industries.

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Analysis of processing characteristics of TPU film

admin November 05,2018

TPU film summary Thermoplastic polyurethanes, referred to as TPU, also known as PU thermoplastics, are linear block copolymers composed of a soft segment of an oligomer polyol and a hard segment of a diisocyanate-chain extender. Excellent e

Comprehensive analysis of TPU film in 2018

admin October 31,2018

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) not only has the high-strength, high-wear resistance rubber properties of cross-linking polyurethane, but also has the thermoplastic function of linear polymer materials, and then its application can be exte

TPU film manufacturers molding and use

admin October 29,2018

TPU film manufacturers are pided into the following categories according to their application. 1.Shoe material TPU is used primarily for shoe materials because of its excellent elasticity and wear resistance. TPU-containing footwear product

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